We are a community of 200 students filled with curiosity! Learning and engaging in intriguing challenges excites us. 

Skyview's Mission
Skyview School is designed to be rigorous for the whole child. This year marks Skyview’s 18th year as a school community of learners where teaching happens in and through the multiple intelligences.  We use best practice teaching strategies to stimulate higher order thinking (across all intelligences) within a tightly scaffolded K-8 thematic, project-based framework that is aligned with Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, also known as Common Core.  At Skyview School, the arts are infused academically and celebrated at all levels; the values of respect and responsibility are central to school life; intrinsic motivation and self-direction are fostered to develop a lifetime love of learning, where the ability to learn how to learn is encouraged, as opposed to simply learning what to learn in order to pass a test; and finally, families are encouraged and provided opportunities to be actively involved in their children’s education.  
Teaching and learning are active and engaging in Skyview’s classrooms. Our effective instructional practices promote equity and high expectations, making the content of products come alive, and ensuring that all students think and participate, allowing teachers to effectively track all students’ progress well. Good practices foster character by inspiring each student to develop craftsmanship, perseverance, collaborative skills, and responsibility for learning. Skyview teachers promote critical thinking through problem-solving activities by engaging students to make connections, perceive patterns and relationships, understand diverse perspectives, supply evidence for inferences and conclusions, and generalize about the big ideas of their thematic studies.
Skyview School’s innovative framework is unique in that whole child instructional strategies are seamlessly blended together to create a culture of hard work, respect, and caring. Our dynamic collection of teachers, aides, and support staff collaborate to create high functioning, engaging classrooms where students are involved in meaningful activities that sharpen their focus and growth. As evidence from many years of testing results show, Skyview School’s approach of teaching through the whole child creates academically eager and prepared students.